Land of the Brave

By Victor Munguia

When the Land had no skyrockets
and it was no flag, no anthem,
this world was a delusion,
a battle between bad or worse.

Building white castles,
constructing towns, cities,
bridges, tunnels, highways
It was the way for change

And a happy human creature
begun to walk across this empire
bars, drinking beer, cheerful,
dancing in long parties

Driving a cab in New York City
like a cowboy riding on a rodeo
exhausting the time to the last
minute of a stunning gloom.

When America opened its arms
to millions of people walking
running, floating, flying, landing,
a new nation was made.

In the streets, under the rain or snow
there are icons in my giant cosmos
this is the station to believe on liberty,
justice and welfare, I thought.

When the land was a chimera,
no bar no stripes, no anthem
no skyrockets, no houses nor farms
some people had a dream.


~ por Victor Munguía en noviembre 19, 2015.


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