Nothing has changed

By Victor Munguía

Devout love of my dreams
the instant you transformed
my everyday like a blooming light
I touched the stars.

No inquiries about it
all my uncertainties go away
I still have you in my mind
my past has never leave.

It was the morning of a brand new day,
I saw you standing there, drinking coffee
talking to someone, living without me
in a personal way I did not know.

My heart could visualize word by word
a million unlit things you carry on
I did not perceive before, and today
shine with you, shine on you.

Herein, you are staring in my face,
I am looking into your eyes
tell me why We are the same
Nothing has changed.

The rain is gone in the wide path
No weeping, no utterance, no tears.
The world runs out there in a subway
while you and me stay here forever.


~ por Victor Munguía en noviembre 11, 2015.


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