The conspiracy

By Victor Munguía

Where the words build memories
my heart will wait for you
and together our emotions
will merge in one, only one
happy face.

I won’t read more case law
in common or civil law systems
We know this big conspiracy
doesn’t deserve our thoughts

Where the words get in my heart
I don’t want to have precedents
creation of some unpleasant bastards
dressing with impurity and fake

I will wait for you
to keep my soul out of their profanity
their codes, their stricken attitudes
that change lives with absurdity

Together  We will rise
among the multitude to call
for a world of love and peace
together We can do it.

Only words of fraternity
will merge in victory
only one simple smile
will be our people’s face

Love is one happy face.


~ por Victor Munguía en agosto 9, 2014.


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