My little hometown

By Victor Munguia

Streets of cobblestone
Bright lights in a single shack
Corner bar open all the time
Rock, dance and drinks

My house is dark
No cars in the driveway
No dog barking loud
Nobody in the backyard

Strong wind blows over
clouds move along
thunders, lightning, rain
It’s my little hometown

Long empty roads to
stony silence, devastation,
forsaken industrial area,
not a soul mourns

Dust, bloody mary bottles,
coca cola cans, work clothes,
old broken machinery,
graffiti on its walls

Who wrecked my world,
sold your job in parts,
boarded your house up,
brought its bricks down?

Lost paradise,
I won’t miss you I swear
my hands shall build a new place
to call it home.

Dark stage, recession, depression
mutual funds. annuities, stocks
I shall make up different words,
while I’m gone

What is the meaning
of goodbye ?


~ por Victor Munguía en marzo 24, 2014.


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