By Victor Munguía

She left
with her old rhetoric,
Agatha Christie novels,
library days
and endless talks
about Maiakowsky,
and the austeres
liberal poets.

I do not know
how to miss Natalia
on the lonely nights
when I can’t find
anyone to remind me
that I am a books lover

She left
and will be discussing
of Ezra Pound and the return,
while tired
to protest against the government
without answers,
I learned
that writing is a cosmos
where we gather together
like atoms to be part of
that whole unidimensional
expressed in the class
of Literature

She left,
and I was in my own
with my revolution
over my shoulders,
the posters of Marx, Fidel and Che
in my room,
with the people
that was never defeated,
for her departure,
for her lenses and mine,
my long nights
and my hot afternoons
like the peruvian sun
that makes me dream
with other times
despite the distance
between Lima and Brussels.


~ por Victor Munguía en mayo 15, 2009.


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